Technical Lead

I am Software/Web Developer with considerable programming and development experience. I have skills in developing both software and web applications.

Extensive practical knowledge of software industry. Self motivated and able to work in narrow conditions. The Language I work in Grails, Groovy, JAVA, JMS/JNDI, GWT/GWT SMART, GAE, Google Datastore, Google MAP API, Guice, Gin, JSF, WURFL, IceFaces, Spring, Hibernate, iBatis, html, JavaScript, Jquery, Prototype and tool are Eclipse 3.2, Netbeans, Dream Weaver. JBOSS and Apache Tomcat. I have developed web sites in PHP, ASP with Ajax. Databases which I have often used are Google Data Store, MySQL, SqlServer 2000, 2005, Oracle, HSQLDB.

I hands on experience on designing and implementing html sites as well. for few months I have also worked as SEO expert. Always keen to learn new technologies and adopt best programming practices.